Friday, June 29, 2012

There's Nothing Like a First Kiss Beaded Hoop

I've been wanting to make this hoop for some time, and finally got around to it. I did do my own rendition of it for my partner in the 4x6 art swap round 3 (it's sewn onto card stock).

It's about a 5" hoop. I used LOTS (read: hundreds!) of the itty bitty tiny silver beads each individually sewn onto my fabric to fill the Hershey kiss. I sewed on a blue scrap fabric which I wrote "Hershey" on with a metallic Sharpie marker (LOVE THEM!). I then embroidered the words, "There's nothing like a first kiss."

Do you know which movie I took the quote from?



----> Yep, it's a line Drew Barrymore says over and over again in 50 First Dates!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Gift Has Been Given

...and my 9 year old niece not only liked, but LOVED her afghan! She even told me, "Thank you so much for all the hard work you did!" OMG, love that girl!

Again, apologize for the sideways picture! And, since I like to keep personal pictures of people private in my blog, I'm only showing this one, where you can see the size, but not her face....we're trying to keep it from the ground...yeah, I'd say it's big enough!

Friday, June 22, 2012

4x6 Art Swap Round 3

My partner has received my surprise piece of art for the 4x6 Art Swap. I had a great time with this. I've been wanting to make it for a hoop, so I made it for the art swap instead. Here it is!

Sorry it's sideways...I'm still getting used to using Blogger, and I don't know how to rotate it!

Bonus points if you recognize where the movie quote is from: "There's nothing like a first kiss!"

And I received this beautiful artwork sent to me from Hawaii!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

4x6 Art Swap

This swap is fun in that I create whatever I want on a 4x6 flat surface and then when send outs come along, I just send out what I've created. I don't have to try to match a partner's desire. I just do as I please.

--Round 2
When I did this round, I had just completed the beginner inchie swap, but couldn't sign up for the Super Mario swap, so I combined both ideas, and came up with this:

I received this:

--Round 3
I am really excited about how my project for round 3 is going, but I have to keep it a secret until it's sent and then received towards the end of June. Trust me, it's awesome though!

Hair Accessory Inspiration

After doing the Hair Accessory Swap, I've learned I really like making clips like the ones I made. So, it inspired me to make these, which I going to list on my etsy page in a while. I'll link to it once I do. If you see these, and are interested in me making some for you, you may respond in my comments with your email, and I'll get back to you, or you can privately email me ( and we'll work something out.

I think I'm going to list these on Etsy for about $8-$12 a piece depending on size. (for the clips, and about $6 for 2 barrettes plus shipping)

                                                                 Small Child Size Alligator Clip

                                                              Large Alligator Clip

My etsy shop:

Hair Accessory Swap

I'm recently finishing up organizing my first swap, with my lovely co-organizer, Calabaza. We're doing a hair accessory swap, which is new for me to make, and I'm learning is pretty fun.

This is what I made my partner, and her daughter:

And this is what she sent to us:

Jarron's Afghan

I started working on an afghan for my son the same time as Savannah's, only I realized that I hadn't blogged about it yet. He wanted his to be yellow, red, and blue. He also loves when I sing to him "you are my sunshine." So, I decided to make his colors into the design of a sunshine when I sew them together. This is what I have made so far on his:


It's going to be about 15--4" squares by 17--4" squares.