Thursday, July 26, 2012

4x6 Art Swap Rd 4

I received my art piece from the lovely co-organizer of the Craftster 4x6 Art Swap today. She really likes her coffee, and found that she can paint with instant coffee...this is what she came up smells good!

So after two full weeks of waiting, my partner finally received her piece! I had to send to Canada, and it was gut-wrenching waiting for her to receive!  Unfortunately, the piece didn't make the trip quite in-tact, so it got a little broken in the center, but she said the leading and the paint held the glass together well enough, and you can't really tell there's a crack unless you really look. I'm pretty bummed about that, but what can you do?  

So, this is a faux stained glass piece, something I'm really new at. Getting the leading to stay in place was the hardest part--I tried about 4 different times before I sent her final piece off.

Inspiration for a future round of the Art Swap??

<a href = "">Click here to visit to read the poem called "Manatee Moments" by Vel Champion, USA</a>

Friday, July 20, 2012

Fun and Flowery

I went outside with the purpose to catch a picture of a humming bird at my flowers. However, that rascal got away, so I decided to sit and watch for him/her for a while and play with my camera taking pictures of the flowers.

But then, what's this that entered my pictures?

Is it an apparition? Nah, it's just the flowers filtering into the image....Pretty cool, huh?

Monday, July 16, 2012

New Etsy Listings! New Sale Code!

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Here are a few examples of what my Etsy shop has! Aren't they adorable? Like them, but not the colors? I'm excited to make a custom listing for you!

Also, I apologize for the sideways pictures, I'd love for someone to comment on what I need to do to get them righted. Thanks!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Craftster Ongoing Hoop Swap Rd 7

I claimed rubylynns for a Pink Stand Mixer. I really like it. I think it's going to look great on her hoop wall!

I claimed Sandroo for Thomas The Tank. She received. This is what I created for her. I really like how it turned out.

                                                    "Little Engines Can Do Big Things."

I claimed Averia for a pinterest surprise. On her Pinterest board, she has the quote "she who dies with the most fabric wins" so I took my own interpretation and since it was a Hoop swap I went with this:

"She who dies with the biggest Hoopla Wall, Wins!"

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

You're 30! You get this Vintage Shirt!

My sister in law is turning the big 3-0 in October, and she's played small pranks on my husband over and over again. He's yet to reciprocate, so we thought that this birthday would be just the ticket! So, we're going to put together a 30 Survival Kit. First up, this "Vintage" shirt.

It is my first attempt at fabric paint and freezer paper as a stencil, I'm I'm so excited by how it came out!

First step, pour out the sweet looking metallic blue and pink paint onto a paper plate, and have my son and daughter dip their hands into it 3 times each. After all, we do need 30 fingers, don't we?

Next step, after printing out my words (I chose, "Stephanie, Vintage 1982") I then made my stencils. I looked at a couple of tutorials. The first time, I tried putting my printed page over the freezer paper, but my craft knife wouldn't cut through them both, so I had to cut "stephanie" out twice. Then, I saw how you can just put the template under the freezer paper, then trace it. So, I tried that, and Vintage and 1982 were so much easier to do!

I thought her name turned out really good for my first try.

Tada! My completed project! I still need to let the paint completely dry, and they heat set it, and then wash it and pray it stays in like it should, but other than that, I love it!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Manatee Hoop

My 6 year old daughter's favorite animal is the manatee, and my 4 year old son likes them, too. I've been making lots of hoops for Craftster's Ongoing Hoop Swap Round 7, so I thought I'd stitch up a small manatee really quick while we sat and watched Spiderman 3.

I think he's pretty cute!
I really love the googly eyes. I think they make a fun accessory!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Hoops I made for the Ongoing Hoop Swap Rd 6 on Craftster

This one I made for redpopsicles. I chose a hoop for her Pinterest wish. The red in her hair was as requested as red for colors. She's going to put in her bathroom, I believe. I used several strands of different hues of red to make the color pop a bit more.

This sunflower was a remnant of a dress that was handed down to my daughter. Homerof2 asked for sunflowers, and so I thought this would be fun. I used the chain stitch to go around the sunflowers and then I put  lots of french knots in each of the middles of the sunflowers.

The Afghan Adventure Continues

I'm trying to keep Jarron and Savannah's afghan's at even as to how many squares I make and how large it is so that that they will be finished at the same time (which they are VERY anxious for)

Here's where I am at as of July 10, 2012

Jarron's "You Are My Sunshine" Afghan

Savannah's "Rainbow" afghan