Monday, May 14, 2012

Ohio University Bobcat Jersey Pillow

My 4 year old son is a huge fan of the Ohio University Bobcats. He wears his adult sized Bobcat baseball hat almost all the time. He really likes the emblem more than anything, I think. Anyway, he had this jersey shirt passed down to him from his sister, and they have since both outgrown it. I've been meaning to make it into a pillow for a while. My Mother's Day gift was a new sewing machine, and I wanted to play with it! So, since this shirt was a jersey, and I didn't have a pillow insert at home, I quick sewed and stuffed a small 10x10 pillow. Then, cutting off the arms, and making the shape of the pillow case, I sewed it up. The bottom is pretty raw, but it's for my 4 year old and doesn't have to withhold through time or anything....and it's a small pillow...but, now he can make some use out of the old jersey....if he decides he likes it! Ha!

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