Wednesday, July 11, 2012

You're 30! You get this Vintage Shirt!

My sister in law is turning the big 3-0 in October, and she's played small pranks on my husband over and over again. He's yet to reciprocate, so we thought that this birthday would be just the ticket! So, we're going to put together a 30 Survival Kit. First up, this "Vintage" shirt.

It is my first attempt at fabric paint and freezer paper as a stencil, I'm I'm so excited by how it came out!

First step, pour out the sweet looking metallic blue and pink paint onto a paper plate, and have my son and daughter dip their hands into it 3 times each. After all, we do need 30 fingers, don't we?

Next step, after printing out my words (I chose, "Stephanie, Vintage 1982") I then made my stencils. I looked at a couple of tutorials. The first time, I tried putting my printed page over the freezer paper, but my craft knife wouldn't cut through them both, so I had to cut "stephanie" out twice. Then, I saw how you can just put the template under the freezer paper, then trace it. So, I tried that, and Vintage and 1982 were so much easier to do!

I thought her name turned out really good for my first try.

Tada! My completed project! I still need to let the paint completely dry, and they heat set it, and then wash it and pray it stays in like it should, but other than that, I love it!

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