Monday, August 27, 2012

Surprise Swap--August--What I sent!

I am participating in a Surprise Swap on Craftster. This swap is really fun because it's easy (2pts) which means the amount of  crafting necessary is minimal. Also, because of the surprise element. That is, the participants are divided into 2 groups, and then matched with partners. So, I crafted for someone (I'll elaborate once  she's posted she's received) and then someone else crafts for me---only my sendee doesn't know she'll get my craft, and I don't know who my sendee is until I receive a package.  So, one day I'll go to the mailbox, and ta da! I'll have a package waiting for me. Oh what fun!

Anyway, the woman I'm sending to is due to receive her package today and I am so so excited! She hasn't been very active on the board, so I hope she updates soon. And, when she does, I'll expand on this kinda vague post!

She's received!! And, she loved it! I'm so happy

She's into Vintage, and wanted sewing accessories, so when I came across: 

I knew this was just the project!

She likes Vintage, and I'm not really a fan of vintage, so I had to go out and try to find the most vintage looking fat quarters that I could find. The green material with the flowers I received in my Stuff an Envelope Swap earlier this year and I used it for the main portion of this pincushion.
I meant to take in depth in progress pictures, but I forgot! Silly me. This is the pincushion as it was all put together but before I stuffed the pincushion and sewed the finishing touches.

Look at it at work! Such a great tool for when you're sitting on the couch sewing!

And, stretched out!

I also crocheted her some 8-pt flowers, coaster size. They were in a book of alternate Granny Square ideas, but I liked the flower part so much that I decided not to "square it."

I even crocheted  a little ribbon to tie it up and send it off!

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