Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Zoo Swap--What I sent!

My partner, crazyda79, finally received her package for the Zoo Swap. I was crafting for both her, and her daughter. Her daughter is 13, and is into art, and stuffies. Crazyda79 wanted anything.

All The Loot!

Manatees weren't on her list of animals, but I had made this as my alternate choice for the last round of the 4x6 swap, and sent something else instead. So, since crazyda79 has been in many of the 4x6 swaps, I thought she'd appreciate it. I framed it with an oceanic decoupaged frame.

I absolutely adore this hoop. One of her favorite animals is the Phillpine Tarsier (I'd never heard of it!) I found this picture which I embroidered  onto this leafy fabric. I love it because it makes him look like he's hiding! I love the strip of blue which states his name and that sadly he's endangered. I printed on the fabric, then heat n bonded it to the leafy fabric.

Another of crazyda79's favorite animal is the narwal. I had originally wanted a nautical themed fabric, but couldn't find what I had in mind at my local JoAnn store, but I found this cute sharky ocean fabric. And, the blue fabric with bubbles is so great. I printed the narwhal out on fabric and colored her in with fabric paint. Then cut her out and heat n bonded her to my bag. This nifty bag has a pocket on the outside, too!

Believe it or not, but I had never made an amigurimi before  these two. And, believe it or not, the smaller one (dolphin) is followed by a pattern and is supposed to look the way it. does. Really.  The elephant is from a Vanna White Critter book which I ordered when I was having trouble sleeping at 2:30 am!

Another view of the ami's

Everything was shipped in this neat-o box! Cheetah/Leopard duct tape and check out that cool scrapbook paper decoupaged onto the lid. Perfect!

I guess I didn't take pictures of the journals up close, but you can see them in the first picture. They match the box! I had such a good time crafting. I can't wait to see what crazyda79 has made me and my kids!

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