Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday Crochet Fun Facts

Happy Saturday afternoon friends! One of my goals this years is to become a better blogger, and even moreso, a better businesswoman. I've got my Etsy shop almost up and running. I just haven't added merchandise--does one really need that? Just kidding! I've been trying to network, and share my crafts as I do them, in order to better tailor what I enjoy making to what people are looking for in a project.

So, how does this relate to blogging? Something I learned about helping to engage you, the reader, was to provide related factual information to my blog. Want some? I thought you might!

Here you go:

"Although crochet is a Middle French word that means hook, the earliest form of crocheting was done with fingers."

Cool, right? Find this,and several more fun facts about crochet here:

Forgive me as I learn to insert links and things.

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