Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Falling For Autumn Swap Rd 2--what I made

I have been organizing Round 2 of the Craftster, Falling for Autumn Swap, and it's been lots of fun.

I was partnered with kbrison, an amazingly fun, and very nice woman. I've very much enjoyed my time being partnered with her!  We had very similar wish lists, and so I decided to make her a wreath and a table runner.

She had a lot of quilted things on her pinterest, but when I came across a VERY extensive pattern for a crocheted doily-type table runner, I went that route instead.  And, while I only did 2 of the 3 motifs, and skipped the frilly border, it came out amazing, and she loves  it. 

And, it only took me 30+ hours to make! Yes, that's oh, 10x or so the minimal requirement for a large item in a craft swap.

The Table Runner in all it's glory!

Up close view

The adorable wreath!--I'm thinking of making myself one!

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