Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Howard Wolowitz

I never used to be a fan of Howard Wolowitz on Big Bang Theory. I used to really not enjoy scenes he was in. Until....until he met Bernadette. Until they formed a relationship. So, when he became an astronaut, and went out into space, and I saw this:

I decided absolutely needed someone to make me a patch, and I think I want it as a ball cap. I'm not really a ball cap type of person, but when the sun was in my eyes during my daughter's soccer games, I knew I needed one, and what better than a one-of-a-kind H. Wolowitz astronaut name tag?

I found someone on Etsy that makes patches, and showed her the image, and she said she could make it. I am so excited! 

I'll definitely add a new post when I receive it and make my hat. Can't wait!!

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