Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Falling For Autumn Swap Rd 2--What I received

I had the privilege of having kbrison as my swap partner. She was an amazing partner, and I am proud to say she is becoming my friend. After just a few days of being partnered, I felt she knew my Pinterest better than myself!

She's even been working on a few items for my kids which she hasn't quite completed yet, but they were extras anyway. She said she doesn't get much chance to craft for kids, and wanted to.  Besides these things, she also sent me a kit to help me make fabric balls, and some stickers and things for my kiddos, as well as her old Girl Scouts scarves...since I'm now a leader of my daughter's Daisy troop.  Thanks kbrison.You're the best!

I followed the UPS truck home, knowing I was expecting not 1, but two boxes from her. Oh my!

I would have been happy to have received just this amazing purse and cute pumpkin needle book. I can't wait to start using them!

But wait, there's more! And this was directly off my Pinterest, except I deleted that, since I now how THIS super cute Autumn decoration. And, that friends, explains the two boxes.

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