Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Crafting!

I've made LOTS of Christmas presents this year.

Me showing off the shawl I made my mother in law.

Me showing off the infinity scarf I knitted for my niece.

Me showing off the cowl I knitted for my sister in law.

Armchair pincushion my daughter and I embroidered for my husband's grandmother. It has the names of all of her great grandchildren. I think I have another blog post about this from earlier in the year.

Blanket I made for my nephew.  You may remember that I made my niece one for her birthday earlier this year.

Me and all my crafty creations.  There are still a couple of recipients who have yet to receive...once they do, I'll show close ups of those, too!

Time to get started for 2013?? I think so!  Many thanks to my then 6, now 7, year old daughter for many of the pictures!

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