Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pink Beaded Fingerless GloveI

I recently made some simple teal fingerless gloves (my first pair, actually) for a friend of mine who lives a few states over from me.  I followed the pattern, tested it on me, took measurements and pictures, and sent the first one on it's way to her. It fit, so I sent it's pair.  What does that have to do with this?  Let me tell you.

She asked me if I could alter the pattern to make a pair that would fit her seven year old daughter. A girlie pair. Possibly with a beaded trim.  Of course I obliged.  And, the love you see here is what I came up with.

Luckily I have an 8 year old daughter who is a bit on the small side, so she got to be my lucky model for trying on sake. And try on she did! 

I looked at lots of beads, but I needed a bead that would work with the width of the yarn.  A Bernat baby weight yarn, by the way.  I ended up settling on pony beads because, really, she's 7, and seven year old like pony beads.  They're fun.

I decided not to put them exactly on the wrist border for a couple of reasons. 1) safety.  They are less likely to fall off, rip off, etc. 2.) Sturdiness. I just felt the beads would be sturdier this way.  We all know that 7 year old's really know how to play!

I decided I would also give the fingertips something pretty to look at, so I added shells around the edging there.  So pretty.

For crochet lovers: This is just done is simple double crochets. Repeating rows until I got it as wide as I needed it. This is about 14 rows.

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