Saturday, March 29, 2014

Follow My Progress--Pineapple Tablecoth

I have been commissioned to crochet a 60" circular pineapple tablecloth. It's an absolutely beautiful pattern. It's for one of my most dear friends from high school.

Back story: she had been given a circular pineapple stitch tablecloth by her grandmother many years ago. Through the years, time,and drama, she no longer was in possession of this tablecloth. Earlier last year, I created a pineapple bordered afghan for my husband's cousin's wedding. When she saw this afghan, and how beautiful it turned out, she knew she wanted to ask me to crochet a "replacement" tablecloth for her. One that would attempt to fill in for the one that was so precious to her. And, this will be extra special because 1) it will remind her of her grandmother, and 2) it will be crocheted by a very dear friend to her. So, challenge accepted!

Here is an image of the pattern I am following. I bought it off an Etsy shop; it's from a vintage pattern book.

I started crafting around March 21, 2014. I got about 10 rows done, and posted on my facebook page (search: Emailie Alexander Creations) this picture:

She's given me as much time as I need to complete this, with free reign to complete other projects as they come along. I know this is going to be a mighty monstrous project, but I am super excited to see it finished.

I purchased a 2400 yard cone of size 10 cotton crochet thread in the ecru colorfrom Herrshner's, and decided to use the 3.5 mm hook. So, it's working up a bit larger than the pattern calls for, but it's easier for me to see and to work. Row 11 begins the first round of the pineapple pattern, and I'm currently on row 13. This next picture shows the completion of row 12. Ignore the colored yarn as I'm using that for row counting purposes. Row 12 makes the tablecloth already 16" round!

I will post a new update once I've completed the first round of pineapples! Thank you for following my journey!

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