Sunday, March 2, 2014

Networking Challenges

With my home-based craft business, I'm trying to branch out and network. So, I've linked my Facebook, to this blog, to adding a twitter account. After all this time, I'm still learning my way around his site, and I'm very very new to Twitter. So, if you come across this blog, and you use Twitter, I would love for you to consider following me @emaliealexander. Search for me on Facebook at Emalie Alexander Creations.

While I used to have an Etsy shop I hadn't yet specialized my skills to a skill set that works well for interest in Etsy buyers. Trying to get fans on Etsy was hard work, so I shut down my shop and took some time to start honing down my skills into mostly crochet with some sewing and other things on the side. I've put a few of my items into a first time very small craft show, and did much better than I expected. I am considering opening a brand new Etsy shop. I probably should do that before my Facebook/Blog/Twitter name gets taken on Etsy.

I recently did a whole make-over. I changed my name from Big Bang Momma Crafts (being a huge Big Bang Theory fan and a mother, I loved that name, but decided a need a brand name a little more professional) to Emalie Alexander Creations. I've been working at updating my sites to offer more information for potential buyers or just interested lookers.

At this stage in my endeavor, I'm trying to build an audience, a fan base, people who will support me, help me succeed, and branch out past my "1st degree" of contacts. This means, currently I mostly am working on custom orders. I post pictures of things I've made, or what I can make, and then people ask me to make something for them based on what they've seen. I don't really have things "listed" on Facebook. I understand. It can be a scary place to shop. This is another reason I am considering a new Etsy shop. I want people to be interested, and pleased with my inventory. I want to get my name out there. I want people to take me seriously. I want people to be happy with my product. And, ideally like any entrepreneur, I'd love for my hobby to turn a little profit. This helps supportthe addiction and I can craft for a wider audience than just gifts for people near and dear to me.

If you come across this post, and are willing to help me network, especially on Twitter or Facebook, I'd be so happy, and I would most definitely reciprocate.

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