Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Hunger Games

My friend received a pillow that was just stamped--nothing else--in a Craftster swap she did awhile ago. Well, she's become really obsessed with The Hunger Games trilogy, and decided she wanted to create her own Craftster swap--The Hunger Games. So far, it's been very successful. She filled up all her spots in a matter of days. Anyway, I had just read the trilogy, and couldn't think of anything that I could make to do the swap, so I didn't join. But then, suddenly, I got inspiration. And, as she had introduced me to the fabulous crafting medium: Heat N Bond. So, I went online. I found an image of the mockingjay symbol. I also found a fabulous fire printout. I enlarged them to the size I wanted. Next, fabric. So, I scavenged the 50% bins, and found this great red satin. I cut it to size using my new rotary cutting board and ruler! Then, I used the fabulous Heat N Bond for the first time. So amazing. I then stitched around my apliques to hold them in place. Since satin frays so badly, I gave it about 1/2 in seam to hold the fray before I sewed 3 sides together. Since my friend lives a few hours from me, and this is going to go on a pillow she already has, I'm gonna just pop it in the mail, and she can just stitch up that last side, and her very un-impressive swap pillow will suddenly take new form, and new charm!

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