Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pay it forward

I was running errands in Athens, and I saw this man staring at the ground holding a "homeless: anything will help" sign. Normally, I'm fairly hesitant about helping out people like this b/c you never know if they are scamming, or whatever. And, I would NEVER give out cash. Anyway, there was just something about this guy. Jarron and I were on our way to grab a hot-n-ready Little Ceasar's pizza, and I just knew if I didn't circle back and give that man a few slices, I'd feel awful. So, I did. And, wow. It just feels so great to give this man what could possibly be his only meal today--and a hot meal at that. I'm not looking for praise. I'm just feeling so happy to be able to help someone.

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