Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pillows and Pillow Covers

This past weekend, I was feeling super crafty with pillows. My kids love sewing when it has anything to do with stuffing things, and the best things to stuffy are what? You got it. Pillows! Well, I'm always trying to figure out what my niche is, and how I can turn my crafty energy into money, so I thought I would learn how to do the envelope closure on a pillow case. I think I mentioned before how my friend introduced me to the remnants bin at JoAnn Fabrics. My daughter likes Volleyball, and I came across this fabric. And, luckily I had enough to try out his new technique. Well, unfortunately, I haven't yet gotten great at my accuracy with my rotary cutter and measuring board. So, this turned out to be about a pillow cover for a 10x10. A bit of an odd size for a pillow form. My daughter thought she needed this, so of course I had to whip up a pillow to fit. Thankfully, that was a bit easier, although to be honest, the cover was pretty easy. Anyway, I learned how to do an invisible seam when closing off this white pillow. Love. So pretty. These pillows caused me to have to make 3 more pillows over the course of the weekend. 1 more so my 6 year old daughter could sew, and 2 for my son, so he didn't feel left out.

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