Wednesday, December 21, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge, Day 10

Day 10:

Childhood Memory

I grew up in Anchorage Alaska (Shout out to my homies) and my childhood church, Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church, used to make these and sell at our past annual church Bazaars. Well, a few years ago, a friend my mom had from the church had an extra one, and she sent it to me. (Obviously, I know live out of state) Now, my kids are enjoying a wonderful tradition I had a as a kid: Filling this Advent tree with Alaskan memories....and it's nice for them to have a piece of my childhood. Each ornament is something special to Alaska. Things like an: igloo, pink salmon, walrus, log cabin, Eskimo Girl, Muk-Luks, hockey skate, etc. And, since I actually have another Advent Calendar that I had made, both my kids alternate which calendar they do each day, so that they each get to do one. Works out very nicely, I'd say!

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