Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Crafty Snowmen

These are some cute snowmen I made for Christmas gifts this year. Inspired my by sister in law who loves both the Steelers football team, and snowmen, I thought a Steelers snowman would be just the ticket. I used 3 different sizes of styrofoam balls, and cut up the fabric into small squares. Taking my hot glue gun, and a screwdriver, I'd put a drop of hot glue onto the ball, then place the fabric scrap on top of that, and and push it in with the screwdriver. I would continue around the ball until it was finished. I glued each subsequent ball to the other with the hot glue. I used dowel rods cut about 4 inches as the arms, painted a light brown, and I hand cut out the mittens. The eyes are buttons with googley eyes glued onto. Craft carrot noses, and buttons around the body. I didn't put mouths because when I tried, it just looked silly. The Santa hats and the snowman hats were found at a local craft store. They stand by being held up with doll stands, hot gluing them to the stand to keep them still.

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