Monday, December 19, 2011

Kids Coat Hangers

My kids (6 and 4) were having trouble hanging their coats with the multitude of other coats in our laundry/mudroom. So, I thought I would make them their own coat hangers using the first initial of their names.
So, I bought some white letters at a local craft store, and 1 sheet of cute scrapbooking paper. I traced the letters, and then using mod podge, I decoupaged the cut out letter onto the letter shape. Then, I decoupaged the top to make it shiny. My husband pre-drilled holes to attach the white hangers I found at Lowe's, and pre-drilled two holes for hanging. We hung them on the wall, and now, it's a super fun, and easy way for my kids to easily hang their coats.

**I wouldn't hang anything with a lot of weight on these hooks. The backpack in this picture is mostly empty**

This project, for both letters cost less than $10.

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