Sunday, February 26, 2012

Feb Crochet Adventures

My local library has a Knitting and Crocheting "class" every other week. My friend, the librarian, has suggested I check it out many times. I hadn't until last week. Because, I wanted to learn how to either knit or crochet a small flower. Why? Well, originally I was going to put them on the monogrammed letter shadow box. Remember from my last post? Well, I changed my mind, and just made pom poms instead. I'm pretty sure I mentioned this last time. Anyway, I went to this "class" and learned out to do it. And, then I've tried to re-create them at home. I do an ok job. Some are better than others. And, I actually can't tell which ones I made at the "class" and which are from home anymore. Some aren't quite right. But, it's way better than I had ever even imagined before. And, keep in mind, I am a very novice crocheter. In fact, I can't even remember how to turn stitches to make a new row for a scarf. So, if you're looking for a tutorial. This is not the place. Mostly, I'm just cataloging my attempts. Ergo, crocheted flowers photo:

I'm sure you've noticed I've talked about my friend a lot. You know, the one who got me those amigurimi Sheldon and Leonard from Big Bang Theory. Well, she's addicted to Granny Squares. Only, she hasn't learned to make one. Seeing as once upon a blue moon ago I had made them before, I thought if I pulled up enough tutorials, I might get it right. I was close. I didn't quite get a Granny SQUARE...more like a Granny CIRCLE! lol I like it though.

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