Saturday, February 4, 2012

Savannah's Saturday Morning Craft Day

And, this is what my daughter ended up crafting this morning:

She wanted to make a hat, so she took a red Solo Cup (doesn't that make the Toby Keith song play in your head now?) and painted it. I punched holes and added yarn, and ta da! A festive hat.

Happy Valentine's Day to her Kindergarten teacher! She cut out this Care Bear picture, glued it to construction paper, and then painted it.

She wanted to make puppets. So, she's got a bunny (we improvised this one. Just cut out ears, and arms and a nose), so did the same polar bear one that Jarron did, and she did a cute puppy one. I cut out brown construction paper to print out the template from here:

Painting paper plates is a favorite in my house, and today was no exception. This one was painted two shades of green, to look like a turtle. She cut out a circle and painted a face. Once that all dried, we glued and taped the arms and legs she cut out, onto the back of the plate to complete the turtle.

Savannah wanted to make a ladybug. We've made one before, but when she decided to paint the green strip around the outside of the plate, it looked so much more like watermelon to me!

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