Saturday, February 4, 2012

Trying out a Pinterest idea

I love to do crafty things for my kids' birthday's. And, I'm always looking into birthday ideas even close to a YEAR before their party. I love to make gift bags, and invitations, and cool cakes. Well, I thought my son who really like the Ohio University Bobcats, would be having a party with that theme in September when he turns 5. But, lately, he's been really interested in the TMNT, and knights, and pirates, and lots of things. I came across this really cool pirate gift bag on Pinterest that I thought I might as well try out today since we were being crafty, anyway. Here's the link to my inspiration:
Unfortunately, I'm not showing her image, but essentially it's pretty close. She used fabric for the bandana, and I just painted it on.

Here is my pirate plate gift bag:

I forget to put this on Savannah's craft page, but she wanted to do one too, and hers turned out like this:

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