Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jarron's Saturday Morning Craft Day

My kids and I woke up this morning, and decided to be crafty. I think I blogged earlier about how I had their hand prints that I needed them to paint the back side of. Well, that lead to more painting, and puppet making and all sorts of other things. Two hours of crafting with the kiddos this morning. Here's some pictures of what we came up with.

This is his polar bear paper bag puppet. This template was taken from:

This cute polar bear craft I had found on Pinterest and wanted to do for a while. You can find a link to it here:

This is just a painting he made on paper.

Painting on paper plates is fun! The top two green plates are grass. The bottom orange one with the face, is the sun

Next up? Blogging about my daughter's morning craftiness.

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