Sunday, February 5, 2012

Monster Jam 2012

My husband and I took our kids today to watch Monster Jam at the Charleston Civic Center today. he had gone before as a child, but I've never been, and this was my kids' first trip too. It was so much fun. I knew so little about monster trucks until my son became interested in them. I didn't realize that the toys were based off of actual trucks that had competitions and things. My son's favorite monster truck is Full Boar (because he is yellow, and yellow is his favorite color.) Well, Full Boar wasn't there, but there was: Grave Digger (obviously) celebrating his 30th anniversary, Monster Mutt (the brown one), Aftershock (which ironically is the name of my Christian young adult small group), State of Destruction, and Krazy Train. We all had a great time, and I hope to go back again next year. Maybe we'll see a new group of trucks.

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