Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bazinga! Earrings

I apologize for the photo being sideways. I am having a heck of a time with pictures lately. I have them the right way, and they when they upload, they turn sideways and I can't get it back. Sorry!

Anyway, I LOVE BIG BANG THEORY! I was making some earrings (new thing for me) for a partner in a Craftster Craft Swap (will post about those when she receives her package next week) and bought enough of those mini charm frames for me to make myself some earrings. So, of course, I wanted Big Bang Theory earrings. I originally was going to make a pair with a picture of Sheldon, and a pair with a picture of Leonard, but I came across this, and decided to go Bazinga! instead. I have a nice necklace with the word Bazinga! that I got from Etsy, so it will be fun to wear this with that.

Anyway, so get the picture frame charm. Attach earring. And ta da! Badda bing! Bazinga!

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