Saturday, March 17, 2012

Quick Kids Paper Craft

My kids were being uber loud and annoying before bedtime, so I knew I had to find something for them to do.  I have a bunch of white cupcake liners that I set aside, so I pulled those suckers out and said, grab a chair, we're going to make some flowers! I pulled out the colored pencils, and while they decorated their cupcake liner flower, I cut strips of green construction paper for them to use as stems.

I told them they could cut my strips to whatever size they wanted, and then glue them to the paper (I picked blue to look like they sky--I doubt they noticed!) and then glue their "flowers" to the top of the "stems." We used glue sticks.

On the left is my 6 year old daughters. On the right is my 4 year old sons. He decided to make a person instead.  This gave us about 15 minutes of calm down, quiet time, which was WONDERFUL!

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