Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sewing For Kids--Stuffing Pillows Pizazz

Have you ever wondered what the best way to get kids interested in sewing was? The answer is simply,make something that they can stuff. I can't tell you how many pillows I have made with my kids. They are "sew" easy to make too.

Yesterday my 6yo daughter wanted to sew a pillow. She made a quite large approx 16x16 inch pillow which ended up using up most of the stuffing I had. And, I had a BIG bag full. I had promised my 4yo son I would sew a pillow with him, too, but we had an unexpected visit from our neighbor, and so we had to post pone that until this morning. Anyway, we didn't have much stuffing left, and he's been talking A LOT about Buzz Lightyear (you know, the dude from Toy Story). So I thought, hey, let's find a coloring page of Buzz online, print it out, he can color it (not related to the sewing, obviously) then I can cut it out and use it as my template for a Buzz doll/pillow.

I don't have any fabric at home for a Toy Story recreation, but I did find some scraps of this cool fleece Batman fabric I'd used when I'd made him a small blanket/quilt and yes, Batman pillows. This is me pinning Buzz onto the Batman material. I decided not to cut his legs apart. I didn't think there would be much space when sewing, and it would just be easier to not do it.

This is how it turned out:

So, my son now has a Batman themed, Buzz Lighter year doll/pillow thingy.

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