Friday, March 30, 2012

Granny Square Afghan

I've just recently relearned how to make granny squares. So, since I started out with this hot pink which is one of my nieces favorite colors, I decided to make her an afghan with pink and purple, another of her favorite colors. And, I decided to just make it one big square, granny square, that is. I also learned how to change colors. This is totally new for me. So, I started on Tues, today is Friday, and this is how far I've come. It's about 25"x25". I'm pretty stoked!

Today is 4/6/12 and I've made lots of progress on the afghan. It's over 40x40 inches now, and I have changed colors several times. I'm adding a picture of the afghan, and of me working on it.

 I've been making more progress on my afghan.  So far I've used 4.5 skeins of yarn, and I bought 2 more. It's measuring about 46 inches. I'm adding a pic of it on my full sized bed,.

4. 19.12 I've finished it! It's approximately 54 inches squared! Wow! It is an amazing feeling to finish such a large project! Now I have to wait until July to give it as a gift...and keep it secret...mostly!

Pictures below:
 And all rolled up, look how big it is!

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