Saturday, March 10, 2012

Chalkboard Paint

I had never tried out chalkboard paint. I've wanted to, but I hadn't. I'm responsible for the Easter party in my son's pre-school class. This includes gift bags. I like to put together gift bags. I got the kids chalk. Of course, they can't have just chalk, so I wanted to make them individual Easter appropriate chalkboards. Bunnies, of course! I was going to give my husband a go at trying out his dad's scroll saw again, but when I saw super mini 20 cent/piece bunnies and eggs, I swooped up enough for the class, and some spray on chalkboard paint, and I was in business.

First, my supplies. Black chalkboard spray paint, 15 bunnies, and 15 egg shape cut outs.

Then, I brought them outside, and I used a Pizza Hut box (I love recycling) to spray paint the first side. I let them dry, and spray painted the other side. Super easy, super quick.

Ta da! I know have mini bunny and egg chalkboards for my son's class.

That will not be all that goes into the gift bags. I have some little plastic odds and ends, but I am also going to put in the "peeps s'mores" that I have pinned on one of my boards. I may even make cute bunnies out of paper bags for the gift bag it self.

This whole project was just over $10 which works out to about $1/kid, but I have paint left over, so not even that much a kid. I hope they like them!

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